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Hydraulic loading ramps, piers and awnings



Ramps, as well as the retractable tongue has a hydraulic control – 2 hydraulic cylinders for ramp that can withstand up to 1200 bar pressure, retractable tongue has its own mechanism. The structure is made from a special, high-quality material. The frame of ramp is equipped with a protection system that protects hydraulics and absorbs ramps forced stop induced overload. Hydraulic system is completely sealed, preventing access to the sand, mud and dirt. Ramp meets CE standards and it is possible to install together with shelter and different sized bumper for depreciation.

Technical data:

  • Standard certificate: CE
  • Load capacity: 6 tons
  • Structural height: 600 mm
  • Retractable tongue length: 400 mm
  • The tip of the tongue: approximately 4 °, length 45 mm
  • Motor power: 0.75 kW
  • Electricity supply: 380 V/50 Hz/2.5 A
  • Control systems-supply: 24 V DC
  • Protection class: IP 54
  • Working pressure: 70 bar
  • The main cylinder outside diameter: 65 mm
  • The main cylinder outside diameter (L > 4500): 110 mm
  • Retractable tongue drum outer diameter: 55 mm
  • Operating temperature:-50 ° to + 50 °

Additional facilities:

  • Different choices from base on constructions (Assembly type)
  • Tapered tongue on both sides of the platform
  • Load capacity: 9 tons
  • Retractable tongue length: 500 mm
  • Sealing blades, rubber edge of the platform
  • Ramp in any RAL colour
  • Launching Ramp with a button


Equipped with front and rear frame made of hot galvanized steel. These frames (extra stability) is connected to each other with hinges fastened with metal struts. The material used is double layered polyester fibre that is flexible in length and stable in width, from the outside it is treated with a durable, antistatic PVC coating. It has a high protection against UV rays. The product complies with CE standards

Technical data:

  • Width: 3400 mm
  • Height: 3400 mm
  • Depth: 600 mm
  • Side curtain width: 600 mm
  • The upper curtain height: 1000 mm
  • Installation height: 4500 mm (from the ground)
  • The curtain material: 3000 g/m3
  • Operating temperature:-50 ° to + 90 °
  • Standard colour: RAL 9005 (black)

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