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Roof windows

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ROTO series number 7 windows

ROTO roof windows with two sashes turning axes:

  • with the turning axis of 3/4 of the length of the window;
  • with the upper sash ROTO edges turn sharp.

Thanks to sash during the turn does not come into inner space and does not go beyond the bounds of the window opening. ROTO roof window fittings for use in the construction of all the window, enables all windows functions to manage with one handle.

In addition to the roof window requires a connection kit EDR ZIE/SNO/SDS.

Functionality and safety window is created with the central lock mechanism that locks the sash in the four corners. All the features – two-step ventilation, turning to the upper axis, turn on 3/4 of the length of the window, lock washer position – is controlled by the multifunctional handle in the lower part of the sash.

Also are available ROTO series number 4 (window of economic series) and ROTO series number 8 (exclusive windows).

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