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Wooden windows and doors

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Wooden windows

  • Good thermal insulation properties.
  • Good sound insulation properties.
  • Standard equipment – double seal.
  • Aluminium water drainage with thermo bridge.
  • Wide range of colour and tone options.
  • Extensive use of glass options.
  • In accordance with DIN EN 10077-1 frame heat conductivity value of Uf = 1.44 W/m2K.
  • Window with selective glass packet Uw = 1.3 W/m2 K.

Wooden doors

  • cans and sash thickness 55-68 mm;
  • sash can stare inward or outward;
  • door has 2 sealing layers;
  • glass lath is on the inside.

Crackdown makes the hinges and a three-point lock.  The doors are made with wood or aluminium threshold. Front door with lacquered finish on the outside, glass and the horizontal part of the sash place is used of water run-off imposed.

Sash restrictions:

  • min width is 350 mm;
  • max height is 2300 mm at width of 800 mm;
  • max width is 1100 mm at height of 2000 mm;
  • max permissible weight on 3 hinges is 150 kg;
  • allowable size is up to 3 mm deflection at one meter.

Sliding systems are wooden window/door constructions, which are moved through the sash box top and bottom controls (the guides). Sliding system is made with a sash only straight 90 degree corners. There are 3 types of manufactured sliding systems:

  1. Parallel sliding sash sliding system.
  2. Folding-sliding sash sliding system.
  3. Large sliding sash sliding system.

Sliding system comes with standard includes handles, water run-off of the aluminium profile (water nose) and mounting clamps. Sliding constructions with lacquer finish from the outside – the water run-off imposed.

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