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PVC windows and doors


Thanks to multiple camera physique, hermetic glass package, sealing system and proper fitting, PVC Windows provide tangible heat insulation effect.

The last window’s market success is I-glass (glass with low-emission coating that is spraying in the vacuum conditions on the one surface of the glass). This type of coverage allows you to improve the insulation properties of the glass for 5 times.

The glass package play a crucial role in the sound insulation. PVC window setup allows you to reduce sound pressure of up to 26 dB.

PVC does not cause and maintain the combustion process. Special fittings guarantee against intrusion protection from uninvited guests.

Unlike wooden doors that require additional expenses for the annual painting, cleaning, probably insulation, PVC may suffice for the gentle cleansing with appropriate tools.

Even the considerable temperature variations that are specific to our climate as well as chemically active environment cannot affect the PVC. Various laboratory test result, it was determined that PVC product life time not less than 40 years.

Aside from the fact that PVC windows do not require extra costs they permit makes it possible to enjoy up to 60% of the money you spend for heating the housing.

We offer different price categories of PVC Windows. You can choose the option that fits your needs and budget.

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