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Fireproof metal gates and doors



Fireproof gates can serve as the main gate, or be set up as a second gate, which is always located in the open position, and closed only in the event of fire. These gates are used as an effective barrier to the effects of fire and smoke in the fire and are activated automatically.

Automation works as follows: the gate is kept in the open position by electromagnetic locks, which is turned off with the smoke detectors automation, thus closing the gate. This technical solution makes it possible to fire safely evacuate people and fire department access to the fire site.

Fireproof gates is typically used in buildings with increased requirements for fire protection (hospital, administrative offices, warehouses, production shops and energy objects).

All of our manufactured fireproof gates (opened, the sliding, the lift-off) is the relevant certificates and they meet fire safety standards.

In terms of design fire gate is similar to traditional gate, the difference is the use of refractory materials: fire resistant leaf, fireproof profile, filled with heat-insulating materials, seals from the cold smoke, the fire control with smoke detectors that provide fire resistance EI 60 in.

Upon the customer’s request, fireproof gates can be assembled with the addition of systems and equipment


Smoke and fire curtains are designed to close the gate frame and separated from another room when the fire alarm is activated.


Fireproof doors with fire resistance EI 30 and EI 60 comply with the European quality standards EN13501-2, and they have relevant certificates. Possible to fabricate fireproof doors with glass. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

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